Umama is a non-profit organization that strives to empower Ugandan mothers and their families economically, socially, and spiritually by providing financial services and training.


To provide financial and educational means for entrepreneurial women in Uganda to improve their situation economically.


To empower women by growing their confidence, ability, and economic contributions to the community. Social bonds and communities will be strengthened through the sharing and improvement of resources and ideas.


To deliver these services in the name of Jesus Christ so communities may know His love.

How It Works

Ugandan women possess many unique skills and talents. Many want to start businesses so they may turn their abilities into profitable ventures. Most women, however, cannot afford the supplies and tools needed to get started. They can’t even borrow the money they need as banks won’t extend loans to someone with no credit history or collateral. These entrepreneurial ideas and desires, although accompanied with great skill and ambition, will never be fulfilled without this initial capital. umama exists to supply this capital.

When a woman starts her sustainable business, she will be able to provide for her family and her community. Her children will eat better meals and obtain a higher education. Her community will also benefit from her product or service as well as a market with more options.

As this woman earns money, she will pay back her loan, enabling umama to extend that money to another woman. The cycle continues as more and more women receive this initial capital to help them achieve their dreams. No more hand outs that require incredible amounts of money with implications that these women are not capable of providing for themselves.

We are investing in these women because we know they are capable of great things. Please consider joining us in this life changing investment to break the cycle of poverty that these women are so capable of breaking themselves.

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